I’m Here for You (and Me)

Hello, writer-folk!

You’re new here, so you may have some existential questions for Wordie. Why not get right into it, then?

Quite frankly, I’m helping me by helping you. The heck does that mean, anyway? It means that everyone’s process, no matter what for, is different. I have realized that my learning process, in order to be effective, involves teaching. Teaching you, and teaching back to me.

Someone wise once said that advice given to another is usually a person talking to themselves in the past, and I find this to be wildly accurate (in my case). The way I learn, and drive things in, is by applying them to others. Why? Because it requires me to apply myself. Ha-ha! See what I did there?

Like I said, everyone learns a different way. By sharing the reformist wisdom and discoveries that I absorb through research, exercises, and case-studying, I want to make simple the complex aspects of writing and communicating for YOU.

No, really, this is not me twisting my words and manipulating you. I really do want to help you, and if my knowledge, findings, and personal wisdom can do you any good, more power to me (and you, too!).

Feel free to send me messages, ask questions, engage in intellectual (or un-) banter, or anything else.

Let’s be the heroes of our own (success) stories. Let’s move forward together.


3 thoughts on “I’m Here for You (and Me)

  1. I’m truly happy to see this! Just by reading your blog it made me smile! Felt so different and great! Keep it up! Thank You 🙂


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