One Minute Lesson: Getting Some Perspective

In your first draft, you probably step into the shoes of your characters to bring them to life on the page. For your second or third draft, however, you must step out of those shoes and put them aside. 

Become a fly on the wall as you rewrite and/or edit your next draft. Imagine scene after scene of your story as if you were an onlooker, a reader. Take mental note of your characters’ behaviors and body language. What do you see that perhaps they don’t notice about themselves or others? What are their subconscious gestures? 

Seeing events and actions from a distance can vary your point of view as a writer, and even add depth to your writing. Think of it this way, I may not realize that the way I act around someone I like comes off as awkward, but someone looking at our interaction from a distance might notice my nervous fingers fiddling with my purse strap or the stiffness of my body as I interact with the person I like.

As you edit your next draft, become a fly on the wall – especially if you’re used to writing in the first-person perspective. Witnessing your characters’ actions from a mile away will give you perspective as to whether the way that they’re serving the plot comes off as natural and effective or not.


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